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Venereo Mediana Empresa SRL (private Cuban company)


To build prefabricated houses of quick and easy construction (at a rate of 25 per year), in response to the high need that the country has in this area, especially in the most vulnerable segments of the population and with less economic possibilities.

This is done today using inefficient, backward and polluting technologies that we have. It is a humanitarian urgency to respond to the growing housing requirements on the island, due to tropical hurricanes and other atmospheric phenomena intensified, as we know, by climate change.


To make the lives of many Cubans happier by increasing the number of prefabricated houses that are quick and easy to build, which could result in around 500 houses per year using more efficient and non-polluting technologies.

Use clean energies and with a minimum of electric transportation vehicles that allow carrying the prefabricated elements to the construction areas.

Respond to situations created by hurricanes and the increasing damage caused by climate change.

Together with a foreign investor, provide prefabricated housing in other regions of the world that also need it, considering that approximately 23 percent of the world's inhabitants do not have a decent place to live.

Objeto social

Its corporate purpose is as follows:

  • Production and marketing of construction materials of all kinds. {online sales and usd}
  • Develop an existing plant for the production of mortars of different types. (This is located in a strategic place in the capital city and has a high production capacity with online and usd sales}.
  • Integrated construction of prefabricated housing {The objective is to build these homes in the Caribbean and Latin America, Spain, Portugal, North Africa and others. This does not limit those that can be built in Cuba for the convertible currency market.)
  • Manufacture and marketing of carpentry parts and pieces for buildings, hotels and constructions, including wood sawing and planing. {All for the convertible currency market in a store and/or online } { New development}
  • Marketing of building materials, hardware and plumbing and heating equipment and materials, and paints and glass products.  {These are highly loss-making products and will be sold in usd or euros in a store, and/or online } { New development}
  • Manufacture and market furniture and also provide repair services associated with it. {Note: Primarily for the usd market. This is in high deficit in the country and would be sold in a store and/or online} { New development} 
  • Produce and sell plastic and or rubber sundries. {This has a virtually infinite market and would be sold in the same way as the above}. { New development}
  • To provide gastronomic services in the activity of restaurants and cafeterias, together with mobile food services. {Here enter the possibilities of selling German products of different types and formats and make a quality restaurant with German food.) (New development}.

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Venereo Mediana Empresa SRL

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