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The Universidad de Oriente (UO), one of the institutions attached to the Ministry of Higher Education, with more than 68,000 graduates in its 75-year history. It is endorsed of Excellence by the National Accreditation Board and deploys all its university work in two central headquarters, located in the municipality of Santiago de Cuba and eight Municipal University Centers (CUM) in each of the other municipalities of the province. It currently has an enrollment of more than 20,000 students in all study modalities divided into thirteen faculties and more than 60 careers that cover all branches of knowledge. As for postgraduate studies, it has 15 doctoral programs, 30 master's degrees and 7 specialties. This institution is nourished by a faculty of professors with vast experience in academic training and scientific research, taking into account that 85% of them hold the category of Doctors in Sciences, Masters and Specialists. The UO also hosts three Science Technology and Innovation Entities:

The National Center for Applied Electromagnetism, whose mission is to research, innovate, develop, produce and market technologies applying electromagnetism to achieve impacts in industry, agriculture, health and the environment.

The Medical Biophysics Center works to meet the specialized health and training needs of the national and international market, developing and marketing competitive and sustainable high-tech products for medical diagnosis and treatment, with an emphasis on magnetic resonance imaging, distinguishing itself by the professionalism of its specialists.

The Center for Industrial Biotechnology Studies develops research and training of specialized human resources in the modern biotechnology sector. Its scientific activity is directed to the knowledge and exploitation of microorganisms and molecules (enzymes, antibodies, among others) to obtain goods and services that fundamentally contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture, health, industry, food production and protection of the environment. environment.

Depositary of new knowledge, the Universidad de Oriente looks to the future with the premise of making this the home of all and the bastion of a revolutionary and humanist formation.


The Universidad de Oriente, as a revolutionary university, directs, develops and promotes higher education policies in the continuous and comprehensive training of professionals, science, innovation, university extension, with the constant search for excellence of all processes for its contribution to the development of a prosperous and sustainable society, with the relevance and impact that our time demands.


We are a higher education institution, recognized nationally and internationally for its academic excellence, the quality of its processes, the social relevance of its initial and permanent training programs, the results of science, technology and innovation activities, as well as for the assumption of the challenges of our country in this century to promote local development with competitiveness and political commitment.

Objeto social

Provide undergraduate and postgraduate academic services, specialized courses, event registration, consulting, projects, assessments, applications, scientific-technical and professional services, technology transfer and technical assistance, as well as marketing the results of science, technique and innovation.

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  • Ministry of Higher Education.
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