Support for the management of territorial entomophagous and entomopathogenic reproductive centers (CREE) in Cuba.

Project description

To improve the quality of the supply of biological means for the management of agricultural plagues of private farmers associated to the CREE Pablo Noriega of Quivicán, Mayabeque. Primero de Enero de Ciego de Avila and Dos Ríos de Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba. Introduce constructive improvements in the CREE Pablo Noriega, Primero de Enero and Dos Ríos. Improve the productive management, marketing and commercialization capacities of the lines and entities associated to the project. Improve the quality of the environment and the safety of agricultural production. To reduce occupational diseases caused by the handling of biological agents.

Project technical data sheet

  • Sugar Agroindustry
  • 500 000,00 USD