Partner description

Provides services in support activities for agriculture and farming, such as assembly of new works, buildings and installations of pumping stations and irrigation systems, supplies, installation, repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment, support with the wholesale marketing of agricultural products, retail sales by mail and internet, except for products prohibited by law.

It will be composed of 52 workers including 8 specialists in different branches, 36 construction and assembly technicians, 2 drivers, and the office staff, we will develop agro-industrial projects friendly to the environment, in production areas dedicated to the production of grains, viands, vegetables, fruits, freshwater fish, beef and milk, goat and buffalo, pork production. All these production areas have a wide portfolio of fresh products to offer to the population or for export.


The company offers the best solution to increase agricultural yields in food production for the country's agricultural producers, through a new and innovative agricultural development project or program, supporting agricultural and farming service activities, such as the construction of pumping stations with solar energy and efficient irrigation systems, assembly and maintenance of agricultural and industrial machinery, and implementation of a management system for the wholesale and retail sale of agricultural and livestock products. In addition, the project serves as a practical classroom for the training of students who are studying Agricultural Technicians or Engineers in the educational institutions close to the project in each territory where it is implemented.


Promote agricultural development in the country through support projects to increase food production, using new technologies to reduce production costs and thereby reduce the prices of products consumed by the population.

Institutional Profile


  • Production of Agricultural Food / Energy
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