Partner description

Ecoliance RLP e.V. is the environmental technology network of Rhineland-Palatinate. It brings together around 80 members who are companies, universities, chambers, associations and research institutions with an interest in the GreenTech exchange of experience. Ecoliance members are predominantly from these four sectors: decentralized energy systems, building technology and building energy efficiency, circular economy and recycling, and water and wastewater.



As a network, we strengthen the visibility of our members in the public, science, politics and international markets. The goal of Ecoliance RLP e.V. is to create innovative solutions for environmental and climate protection through environmental technology and thus make Rhineland-Palatinate more visible as a pioneer in environmental technology.


We have the common goal of sustainably transforming the economy toward resource and energy efficiency and sustainable products and services.

Objeto social

Since September 2021, Ecoliance RLP e.V. is involved in a three-year COSME project. The main objective of this "EUropean Water-Smart initiative for fostering International Sustainable Development" (euWater4i-SD) is to support SMEs that want to internationalize in Latin American and East African countries. Together with four other clusters from France, Spain, Bulgaria and Czech Republic, a joint international strategy is being developed. The focus is on the water sector and in particular on smart water solutions that also include interfaces with other sectors such as agriculture, energy or construction.

Institutional Profile

  • Environmental technologies
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