Partner description

In order to reach a better agro-industrial development, with a good performance of the agricultural companies and to improve the linkage between them, the Grupo Empresarial Agropecuario y Forestal Artemisa was created on January 11, 2009, which is located in the red village, with very productive lands and only 28 km from the special development zone (ZED Mariel), it is integrated by nine agro-industrial companies environmentally friendly, dedicated to the production of  vegetables, fruits, meat and mil. It has a wide portfolio of fresh products for export. 


They follow up on the accomplishment of the objectives, results and activities of the projects, promoting the participation of their workers in their activities, accompanying the development of capacities, strengthening productive systems, coordinating with the participating organizations, the processes of knowledge management, training and participatory management, achieving a better productive chain between small and large producers, promoting integration with organizations, projects and local governments, as well as the processes of learning and systematization, in turn accompanying the technical actions and assembly of investments with their specialists.



To reach great goals and good results in agro-industrial development by increasing production, through the execution of programs and projects that contribute to the economic benefit of the country, applying science and innovation in each area in the agricultural and forestry sector.

Institutional Profile

  • Ministry of Agrigulture (MINAG)
  • +53 52793533 /
  • +53 52796782