Project description

Science development area and sustainable innovation.

The aim of this project is to create an innovation space to accelerate projects to develop products, services and technologies with high economic and environmental impact and to facilitate the interaction between scientific institutions and the productive sector.

The accelerator will be located in a semi-rural area belonging to the Department of Pharmacy and Food of the University of Havana, where the different stages of development and validation of new products and technologies will take place, both at laboratory level and in real environments. There will be a space dedicated to the implementation of the dissemination workshop training and education of producers. The main lines will be related to agricultural bio-products, waste treatment technologies and others with environmental impact, use of renewable energy in the agricultural sector, as well as healthy food and natural medicine basis and bioactive products.

It has four areas:

  1. Biomedical innovation area: Biomedical innovation area: generates innovation projects that focus on the extraction of natural bioactive products with various biomedical applications in an industrial business model.
  2. Accelerators for agricultural products and technologies:  develops and validates new products and innovative systems aimed at the agro-industrial sector on a pilot scale, from an agro-ecological, economic and social perspective, in order to move on towards food sovereignty and food education.
  3. Photovoltaic applications for the agricultural industry: implements photovoltaic solutions in a transversal and flexible way to the projects that are being developed in the AGRO Accelerator, as a demonstrative platform in the case of economic feasibility studies and training.
  4. Pilot plants of products and technologies: completes the cycle of research that is incubated in the university laboratories and scales and certifies technological processes and products through strategic projects of an innovative nature.


An outline showing the activities to be developed in each area is shown below.

Project technical data sheet

  • Academic /
  • Agriculture /
  • Science
  • Open to cooperation and institutional support such as donations.